Ready to get serious about your business?

Solopreneur Biz Bootcamp

An action oriented bootcamp to learn how to avoid common mistakes and streamline operations, so you create a profitable business that runs on autopilot. 

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You want a thriving product or service-based biz. Only problem is... you are doing it alone!

Doesn't it seem like there are SO MANY THINGS to consider when building your business?
  • Where the heck do you start?
  • What affordable tools  and software should you use? 
  • ​How can you grow when you are on a budget? 
  • How do you avoid common mistakes many solopreneurs make?
  • Can you really charge enough to make a decent living? 
Oh man, have we been there. 

If you're new to us... ayyyeee! We are Dorethia Kelly & Vanessa Parker, and we have been empowering entrepreneurs just like you for over 10 years to start, run and grow profitable, sustainable businesses. All without losing their minds. 

And while that all sounds magical (which it is!), we know that building a business is no walk in the park. 

In fact, when we first started there were many days, we discussed shutting it all down. We had NO idea how to grow our solopreneur businesses while also managing our lives. 

But as we began to learn and grow we realized we needed ORDER IN THE COURT. We needed to implement the same strategies we'd been doing for corporations in our own businesses! 


We finally nailed down the essential ingredients to building a successful and sustainable business — and we want to share them with you in this 5-day bootcamp!

Here’s the truth, friend: If you’re going to build a successful service or product based business, then you’re going to have to get real about, well… BUSINESS!

It doesn’t matter how great of a product you have or what great service you provide. If you don’t know how to position run your business smoothly, be financially efficient, and actually make money, that business isn't going anywhere. 

Successful solopreneurs know that in order to build a business that doesn’t include you working 24/7, begging for customers, or playing small, you need to have three things in place: 

And that's your operations, your strategic plan, and your tools.  

Because at the end of the day, if your business is not running smoothly + you don't have a solid plan for your day-to-day operations, things will slip through the cracks causing you to lose money and customers!! 

Take it from us - we tried to wing it at first and when that failed miserably tried everything under the sun to get help with operational strategy, planning and the right tools to use.  You can benefit from our mistakes. We've learned that once you have these three ingredients nailed down, you're well on your way to building a business that gives you the income and the impact you've always wanted - without the OVERWHELM. 

So let’s do this. 

The Solopreneur Biz Bootcamp

A 5-day bootcamp to help side hustlers and full-time solopreneurs get clear on their operations, tools, and finances.

Registration open NOW for Fall! 
Bootcamp dates: September 12th - September 17th

What people are saying about the bootcamp?

"The best part of the bootcamp for me has been accountability and pushing me towards consistency! Without the bootcamp, I would still be making the wrong business moves and wondering why I'm not advancing. Thank you Dorethia Kelly, Vanessa Parker, and Tisha Hammond for getting me and my brain on the right track."

                              - LaTonya, Miami, Florida

"The best part for me was getting the tools to get a clear picture of where my business is and what I need to increase sales. I was able to get an explanation for the things I needed to do and not just a list of things to do without understanding the impact to my business."

                                   - Deborah, Detroit, MI

"The best part about the bootcamp has been getting clear on my business proposition and identifying systems I'll need to move forward. The coaches offer feedback at every step of the way. I feel supported in my journey as a business owner."

                                    - Christine, Atlanta, GA

What’s inside the bootcamp?

This 5-day bootcamp is designed to help you get crystal clear on the three most important ingredients of your business: your operations, affordable tools to use, and finances. 

From defining how you will run your business from beginning to end, to determining how to hire affordable help - by the end of our time together, you’ll have your game plan locked in and ready to go. You'll finally be able to stop thinking about how you are going to get everything done and actually start running a business that generates money and thrives on autopilot without driving you crazy. 

Here’s what you’re getting inside the bootcamp: 

Live Training to Take You From “What on Earth Do I Do First” to a Thriving Product or Service-based Business ($3999 Value)

Each day, we'll be going live inside our Members-Only Facebook group to help you work through the key ingredients. We've taken the highs and lows of our own businesses and have distilled them into the essential steps you can take RIGHT NOW to get your solopreneur business going. Let us shorten the learning curve for you! 

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

Training 1: Solo and Savvy  

One of the biggest mistakes solopreneurs make is setting themselves up for a business they hate before they even get started. You aren’t out here to create your own business so you can be working 12-hour days and getting paid pennies for it, are you? 

I didn't think so! On Day 1, we’re going to get crystal clear on planning your day, month and year ahead of time to avoid burnout.

Training 2: If It Don't Make Dollars 

... it don't make sense! You will learn how much money it really takes and the key expenses you need to pay attention to. 

We are going to make this easy for you- even if you aren't a numbers person or spreadsheets make your head hurt. Inside this training, we’re going to get clear on how much money you really need each month. Let’s make sure that you are fully aware of the money coming in and out of your business. 

Training 3: Order in the Court

Learn how to set it and forget it. You cannot grow a sustainable business if you do not create processes and pre-plan your daily tasks. 

We’ll talk through affordable ways to automate and plan so you are not burning the candle at both ends every single day. 

Access to our Solopreneur Biz Facebook Group for Support and Accountability ($599 Value)

Consider this your hub for the bootcamp. This is where you can post your homework, connect with other solopreneurs and get feedback from us as you nail down your operations, tools, and biz finances. 

PLUS over $3000 of additional bonuses, including… 

Bonus #1 Lifetime Access

"Lifetime Access to the 
Training Sessions"

 ($1999 Value) 

Each of our training sessions will be available in our group so you can revisit them whenever you're making adjustments to your operations, tools, and biz finances. 

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Bootcamp Today!

Bonus #2 Bootcamp Resources

"Free or Low Cost Tools You Should Be Using"

($199 Value)

Entrepreneurs are budget conscious. No one has time to pay for a million different software tools. We're handing over a list of the top free or affordable tools you can start using today!

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Bootcamp Today!

Bonus #3 Entrepreneur Mindset Training

"Bonus Masterclass: The Entrepreneur Mindset"

($599 Value)

Many entrepreneurs start their businesses with an idea and rose colored glasses. Learn about the real deal mindset successful entrepreneurs have as they plan their schedule, their family, and their life around their dream. 

By the end of the bootcamp you're going to ready to hit the ground running because you have the winning edge. 

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Bootcamp Today!

Bonus #4 Next Level Training

"Bonus Masterclass: Mistakes that Sabatoge Your Revenue

($599 Value)

You can eliminate a lot of overwhelm, confusion and frustration by avoiding these top  mistakes that we learned (OR MADE) on our journey. 

From pricing to customer service and so much more in between, join us for this masterclass to take your business to the next level.  

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Bootcamp Today!

Get The Step-By-Step, Done WITH You Training To Grow Your Biz For Just $27! 

When you sign up for the Solopreneur Biz Bootcamp, you'll get... 

  • 5 days of live training on how to nail down your operations, tools, and biz finances for your business ($997 Value)
  • ​Access to the  training Facebook Group where we'll be answering questions as you lock in your business ($599 Value)
  • ​BONUS: Lifetime Access to the training recordings so you can revisit whenever you need to dive back into your operations strategy ($1999 Value) 
  • ​Bootcamp Resources to learn free or low cost cools you should be  using to help you avoid overwhelm ASAP ($199 Value)
  • ​Bonus Mindset Masterclass so you can cancel limiting beliefs and create a thriving business ($599 Value)
  • Bonus Next Level Masterclass so you can eliminate a lot of overwhelm and confusion by avoiding these top revenue destroying mistakes ($599 Value)

Snag over $4,000 in value… 
… FOR JUST $27

Bootcamp dates: September 12th -  September 17th

Here Is Our '10x Guarantee'

Yes, I 100% guarantee that you will love this bootcamp. 

If after the end of Day 1 you feel like you haven't gotten at least 10X the value of your investment ($270 in money making content, ideas and instructions) we will happily refund your investment in full.

Email us by 8:59am EST on Day 2 for a full refund. 

Sound fair?

Have a burning question? Here’s what’s come up for other bootcampers

  I haven't started my biz yet. Is this for me?

Totally! This bootcamp is designed for those looking to start OR scale their business, and that's because no matter where you are in your entrepreneur journey, learning how to create operational strategies, efficient use of tools, and understanding your financials is crucial.

  Where is this bootcamp happening?

It's all going down inside our pop-up Facebook group!

  Will this help me get clients?

For sure, friend! When you run your business well you will attract clients and increase revenue. 

  Will I be able to ask Dorethia and Vanessa questions?

You bet! We'll be teaching inside our pop-up Facebook group and there to answer any questions you have throughout the bootcamp. We'll also be hosting a Q&A sessions throughout!

  What if I can’t make it live? 

Don’t worry about it! Your ticket comes with lifetime access to the call recordings, so you can watch whenever is best for you. 

However, we’ll be rockin' out and answering questions live, so we HIGHLY recommend you show up and make the time! If you don’t prioritize your biz now, when will you? 

Hi, we are Dorethia & Vanessa — Your Bootcamp Coaches

We have had the pleasure of coaching thousands of entrepreneurs just like you who want to grow successful businesses without the burnout. 

Award-winning Financial Expert Dorethia Kelly, is a Personal Finance and Business Coach, Author, CEO and Founder of #MoneyChat® and Biz Growth SocietyTM. Known for her charismatic, no-nonsense personality, Dorethia empowers people to reach their financial and entrepreneurial goals with her coaching, keynotes and online courses. Dorethia has been featured in various national media, including CNBC, Black Enterprise Online & Print Magazine, U.S. News, USA Today and Experian.

Vanessa is the Co-Founder of Divas In Defense, an international self-defense company and has over 10 years of business coaching experience. Her audience has seen her on the stage at: Georgia Tech, Black Enterprise, Tom Joyner and in Kuwait training and speaking to over 1,600 women from 62 nationalities. 

We are so excited to share our experience with you so you can grow your business, too! 
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